RUKOBIA (fostemsavir) dosing and drug interactions

Prescribe RUKOBIA as part of an optimized ARV regimen

RUKOBIA should be taken exactly as prescribed

The recommended dosing schedule for RUKOBIA is 600 mg twice daily, with or without food. No dose adjustments are required for patients with renal or hepatic impairment, regardless of severity.

Icon of tablet Icon of tablet

One 600 mg tablet
Do not chew, crush, or split.
Tablet shown is not actual size.

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No adjustments for renal
or hepatic impairment,

regardless of severity

Icon of place setting with left half solid, right half empty Icon of place setting with left half solid, right half empty

With or without food

Icon for RUKOBIA dosing twice a day Icon for RUKOBIA dosing twice a day

Taken twice daily

Drug-drug interaction (DDI) profile

Established and other potentially significant drug interactions*

Recommendations are based on drug interaction trials or predicted interactions due to the expected magnitude of interaction and potential for serious adverse events or loss of efficacy.

Concomitant Drug Class:
Drug Name
Effect on Concentration of Temsavir and/or Concomitant Drug Clinical Comment
Androgen receptor inhibitor:
↓ Temsavir Coadministration is contraindicated due to potential for loss of therapeutic effect to RUKOBIA.
↓ Temsavir
↓ Temsavir
↓ Temsavir
Herbal product:
St John's wort
(Hypericum perforatum)
↓ Temsavir
Hepatitis C virus
direct-acting antivirals:

↑ Grazoprevir

↑ Voxilaprevir

Coadministration may increase exposures of grazoprevir or voxilaprevir; however, the magnitude of increase in exposure is unknown. Increased exposures of grazoprevir may increase the risk of ALT elevations. Use an alternative HCV regimen if possible.
Oral contraceptive:
Ethinyl estradiol
↑ Ethinyl estradiol Ethinyl estradiol daily dose should not exceed 30 mcg. Caution is advised particularly in patients with additional risk factors for thromboembolic events.
Rosuvastatin ↑ Rosuvastatin Use the lowest possible starting dose for statins and monitor for statin-associated adverse events.
Atorvastatin ↑ Atorvastatin
Fluvastatin ↑ Fluvastatin
Pitavastatin ↑ Pitavastatin
Simvastatin ↑ Simvastatin

↑=increase, ↓=decrease.

*This table is not all inclusive.

ALT=alanine transaminase; ARV=antiretroviral; HCV=hepatitis C virus; HIV-1=human immunodeficiency virus type-1.