Support for patients taking RUKOBIA (fostemsavir)

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See If Your Patients Can Save on Their RUKOBIA Prescriptions*

Your eligible commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0 for RUKOBIA.1†

*Total savings not to exceed $7500 per year. Restrictions apply. Limit 1 per person. This card is not health insurance. For complete eligibility rules, click here.

Subject to eligibility and program terms and conditions; ViiVConnect programs do not constitute health insurance.

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  • Receive savings card if eligible
  • Activate savings card

For complete rules, visit The ViiVConnect Savings Card is not health insurance.

Patients are not required to enroll in ViiVConnect to receive a ViiVConnect Savings Card; if additional services or assistance are required, a ViiVConnect Enrollment may be submitted. Patients may be eligible if they have a commercial insurance plan that provides coverage for RUKOBIA under the pharmacy benefit and if they are a resident of the United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). Patients are not eligible if they are enrolled in a state or federal government-funded prescription insurance plan, such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or TRICARE.

Support is available if you need it!

Call ViiVConnect at 1-844-588-3288 (toll free).


Tools, resources, and individual assistance to help patients get their prescribed ViiV Healthcare medications.

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ViiVConnect portal

Register to access this centralized online tool for healthcare professionals and patient representatives, and obtain real-time information on enrolled patients’ coverage status and case history.

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Access coordinators

An Access Coordinator will work with you and your patients to answer questions about patients’ coverage and access to their prescribed ViiV Healthcare medications. You can reach an Access Coordinator by calling 1-844-588-3288 (toll free) Monday–Friday, 8AM–11PM (ET).

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Patient assistance programs

The Patient Assistance Program offers prescribed ViiV Healthcare medications at no cost to patients who qualify.

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Learn about ViiVConnect

To learn more about ViiVConnect, visit or call 1-844-588-3288 (toll free) Monday–Friday, 8AM–11PM (ET).

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  1. Data on file, ViiV Healthcare.